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Renewing My Globe Postpaid Line Account

Renewing My Globe Postpaid Line Account

Renewing my Globe postpaid line was quite an experience. This is because the iPhone 11 just happen to be available days prior to my recontracting. I renewed my Globe postpaid line last Oct 27, 2019 as my account has been out of contract since 2013 and I have not renewed it since then.

The phone call to 211 lasted for about 30 min with 12 mins of waiting time before I was connected to a customer service rep. Although this was the case, after the call went through, the process was smooth sailing. I ordered the Huawei P30 Pro, yes not an iPhone but I experienced a long wait time due to the congestion of their lines because people were calling to order the new iPhone 11.

While going through the self service menu of the 211 call, the voice prompt reminded me that there is a long wait time due to the release of the new iPhone 11 so I was aware of the wait. The voice prompt also gave alternative options to renew my contract through the Globe website. Well if you visited their online shop, you will notice that you can already renew your contract online but there is no option to charge to bill the corresponding cash out for the particular phone. If you’re chosen phone is free you may try to go this route and renew your contract online instead of waiting a long time by calling their hotline.

So the actual call with the rep lasted for approximately 20 mins. This included verifying my information, what phone I wanted, if I wanted it delivered straight to my house, the plan I wish to avail, if I will be paying the cash out by charging it to my bill and the terms and conditions of the plan renewal.

I opted for the Huawei P30 Pro but the only available color was black so I can only settle for that. My plan was still 999 with a lock in period of 24 months. The cash out for the phone is P24,000 so that’s P1,000 per month for 24 months. The plan includes 5GB of Data, unli calls and test to Globe and TM, 50 mins of calls to other networks and 1 GB data for Facebook. I canceled all the other freebies like the Gadget care, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Fox TV. I don’t really need them as after 6 months and you forget to cancel them, they will charge you for the use already. I was asked by the rep if I wish to avail them and I said no.

The delivery of my phone was scheduled Oct 31, 2019 since after that would be a long holiday so the rep tried to schedule it before Nov 1. I was also told to present 2 valid IDs and she asked me which particular IDs im presenting upon delivery. I said SSS ID and passport. She also said that if I’m not the one receiving the phone, my representative must present photocopies of my IDs and the recontracting forms that will be sent to my email address. If you’re not usually home, you may opt to just pick up your phone at your desired Globe store.

Fast forward, I did not receive my phone on the scheduled date so I called again to ask, they said the phone is already with the courier and will be delivered on Nov 4. I received the phone on Nov 4, that’s a Monday and the courier is called Entrego. I was asked to sign a bunch of things and I was asked for my Id. The process of receiving the phone was smooth. The phone was packed properly and it was placed inside a Globe paper bag. The phone box was also placed inside another box for more protection.

So that’s my experience on recontracting my Globe postpaid line through the hotline. Check out the unboxing photos of my new Huawei P30 Pro phone here.

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