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Cheapest Way To Ship To The Philippines – List of Freight Forwarders and Shipping Services

Cheapest Way To Ship To The Philippines – List of Freight Forwarders and Shipping Services

Shopping online now is not limited to shops in the Philippines. You can now enjoy the huge discounts and sale events of major retail shops in the United States and even Europe.
Below is a list of shipping services or otherwise known as freight forwarders you can use to ship your purchases from other countries to your address here in the Philippines. The United States celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday where retailers both online and offline slash their prices and offer promotions and discounted items.

One popular online shop that offers a wide variety of discounts and promotions is Amazon.com but majority of the items sold cannot be shipped outside the United States. This is where these shipping services come in handy, they provide you an address in the United States for example where you can send your purchases to and then these shipping services will in turn send the item here in the Philippines to your specified address. Check out the list below to evaluate each suggestion and see what suits your needs.

Shipping Cart

 Warehouse: United States
Free Storage: Max of 30 days
Free Insurance: For items with value of $500 and below.
Delivery Time: 10 days (air) 45 days (sea)
Payment method: Paypal, Credit Card or Cash through any LBC Branch
Consolidation service: Yes

Items are photographed when they reach the U.S. warehouse
Items can be kept in the warehouse for free for a maximum of 30 days, afterwards there will be a fee per exceeding day.

You get discounts on shipping fees when you use certain credit cards.

Johnny Air

Warehouse address: United States – New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
Free Storage: Packages not claimed within six (6) months will be disposed of at Johnny Air Plus’ discretion
Free Insurance: Automatically insured for US$100 against lost
Delivery Time: Upon arrival of your package, an SMS or email will be sent to you, notifying that your package is already available for pick-up
Payment method: Accepts credit card payments but freight charges will be settled once you pick up the shipment or when it is delivered to your address.
Consolidation service: No

You’ll receive a message once your package ready for pickup at one of three locations in Metro Manila.
They have an app to track your package.


Warehouse: United States – California
Free Storage: 30 days
Free Insurance: All boxes are insured up to $100
Delivery Time: Between 12 days to 5 weeks
Payment method: Credit card, PayPal, or bank deposit to their peso or dollar account
Consolidation service: Yes

Box prices range from U.S. $40 (smallest size) to $85 (largest size).
After your items have been consolidated and packed, they will send you the bill

My Shopping Box

Warehouse: United States and Europe
Free Storage: Up to 15 days
Free Insurance: Insurance coverage is provided for the first $100.00 of the declared value of the merchandise.
Delivery Time: 10 to 12 business days if via air, or 45 to 60 calendar days if via sea
Payment method: Credit card payments from VISA, Mastercard, American Express and JCB, GCash American Express Virtual Pay
Consolidation service: No but they do put together your items that arrive on the same day.
Subscription Fee: None

When shipping items via air, they group the items according to Class 1 or 2—Class 1 are less valuable goods, like clothes and food, while Class 2 goods cover electronics and the like. There’s no class system when you ship items via sea.

Pinoy Box Delivery

Warehouse: U.S., Canada, U.K., Taiwan, China, and Thailand
Free Storage: Up to 30 days
Free Insurance: The standard insurance provided varies by size and country of origin.
Delivery Time: Approximately 35 to 45 days
Payment method: Bank deposit or PayPal
Consolidation service: Yes
Subscription Fee: None
They also offer a procurement service, which covers sourcing and buying from your chosen country.
After choosing which of their five boxes will best suit your shipment, shipping cost estimates are given via email.
Items can only stay in their partner warehouses for free for 30 days, otherwise it’s P200 per week of overstaying.
Boxes must be fully paid for before they are shipped to the Philippines.


Warehouse: U.S. (Miami) and Europe (London) they’ll assign you a special suite number to use as a shipping address
Free Storage: Up to 30 days
Free Insurance: Items under $10 are exempt from insurance coverage. Items will be insured up to a maximum of US $100 of the value of the item.
Delivery Time: Approximately 2 weeks
Payment method: Bank deposit, Credit cards and PayPal
Consolidation service: Yes
Subscription Fee: None
You can register up to three people under your account so they can use their services too, and have the shipments delivered right to their homes!


Warehouse: United States, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Free Storage: Up to 15 days
Free Insurance: Up to 100USD worth of insurance for free, based on the declared value
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment method: Credit Card, Paypal, DragonPay, COD
Consolidation service: No
Subscription Fee: None

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