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15 Free Things To Do In Taiwan

15 Free Things To Do In Taiwan

There are a couple of activities you can do in Taiwan that are free. We all know that most of the tourist attractions anywhere can eat up a huge chunk of ones travel funds. The savings you will be able to make through this activities will add to your free budget for food or shopping. Another advantage is if your chosen accommodation is near these places and you can just walk around without spending money on transportation.

Below is a list of 15 free places to visit in Taiwan. Click on the next link to see the rest of the entries.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Taiwan and also the most well known next to Taipei 101. You can roam around for free.

Check out this post for more photos.

Elephant Mountain

This is obviously a mountain and you can go up to see a different vatage point of the city. This is close to Taipei 101 and can be an alternative to the expensive observation deck of the Taipei 101.

Night Markets

Since there are no entrance fees to these night markets, you can save that expense for food instead. There are a couple of famous night markets around and they are especially famous for food.

Famous night markets include Shilin Night Market, Shida Night Market, Raohe St. Night Market

More photos here.


When you are tired and you just want some time to rest, there are a lot of malls around the city. Their interior and design look good as well so there are a lot of opportunities for picture taking and they have food courts and food stalls to fill your hungry tummy.

Famous malls: East Metro Mall, Core Pacific Living Mall, Taipei City Mall, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall, Breeze Taipei Station, Miramar Entertainment Park, Pacific Sogo, Taipei 101 Mall, ATT For Fun Shopping Mall, Bellavita

Check out this link for more photos.

Daan Forest Park

If you have been to the US, this is the equivalent of Central Park. This park is so huge and there are a lot of trees and benches as well as grass covered areas where you can relax.

Check out this link for more photos.

National Taiwan University

For those who are a fan of Meteor Garden Taiwanese drama, this is one of the show’s location. You can enter the campus freely. The campus is also huge and there are lots of trees and grass covered areas where you can relax. It will definitely bring back your school life memories.

Check out this link for more photos.

Ximending Youth Shopping District

This is also called the Harajuku of Taiwan. There are a lot of shops and food stalls where you can enjoy Taiwanese food.

Check out this post for more photos.

Taipei Main Station

This is probably the most confusing train station I have ever been to but this place is really beautiful. Reminds you of the old train stations in movies. There are a lot of malls connected to it as well as food shops and specialty shops.

Check out more photos here.

Taipei 101 Mall

Taipei 101 is not only famous for its observation deck. There is a mall on the first 5 floors. There is also a big food court at the basement and a grocery and shops you can buy Taiwanese delicacies to bring home.

Check out more photos here.

National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

If you want to understand the history of Taiwan, this is one of the places you should visit. It’s free and you can roam around the place.

More photos here.

Martyrs’ Shrine

This is another site that holds a part of the country’s history. There is a long walkway leading up to the Shrine, and in the center building, there are two soldiers on duty and in uniform. They guard the building and the souls who have helped shape and form our country.

Dalongdong Bao’an Temple

This one holds the religious aspect of the country. This is also considered a UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Site.

Mengjia Longshan Temple

Another temple that is free. I have always been fond of visiting this places because the architecture is really good and it reflects the culture of the country with just one look. The intricate structure with the chanting of prayers will capture your attention.

More photos here.

Jiannan Butterfly Trail

As an open butterfly museum, it occupies 11.5 hectares. Located on a hill, the facility boasts an excellent view in which two major landmarks of Taipei—Taipei 101 and the Ferris Wheel of Mirimar Shopping Mall—can be seen. Visitors who plan to go by MRT are advised to take exit 1 of MRT Jiannan Road Station.

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf and Lovers Bridge

This is a bit far from the city but worth visiting. The sunset is stunning and the bridge also has a unique structure.

More photos here.


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