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Paymaya Virtual Visa Debit Card Review – The Easy Way To Pay For Your Purchases Online

Paymaya Virtual Visa Debit Card Review – The Easy Way To Pay For Your Purchases Online

I have recently discovered a way to pay my online purchases aside from using my credit card. I just activated my Paymaya virtual Visa debit card online for free. This one is different from the debit cards on the market right now where you have to pay for an application fee of around 300pesos before it is activated. This card also does not have a maintaining balance but you have to have funds in it to use it. The exciting thing about this is aside from the free registration, cashing in funds is also very convenient. Paymaya cash ins are accepted in all 7-11 branches with the touch screen machines where you input your details and then it will print out a receipt which you have to present to the cashier to pay. There is no transaction fee if you cash in at 7-11 branches. The funds will appear instantly in your account, no waiting needed.

There are also other establishments that accept Paymaya cash ins.

2GO Express
Palawan Pawnshop
Robinsons Business Centers
SM Malls Business Centers
SMART Padala
SMART Wireless Centers
UnionBank ATM

Take note though that some establishments charge an amount to load your card so check this first. For the updated list of partner centers refer to the link below:


You only need to download the Paymaya app and register a new account. Make sure your mobile phone number is correct as the app will send a verification code to complete your registration. That’s it! After you finish your registration click on View Card and you will see the details of your virtual card there. If you purchased a physical card you can link the card on the same page too.

Now if you need a physical card, you can buy one online at the Paymaya store here or I saw Bayad Center sell them too. It’s 150pesos and it comes with a Beep account, the one you use for the MRT and LRT. You just have to link this to your Paymaya app and all the funds will be available to both your virtual and your physical card. You can use the physical card to make purchases on physical stores as well as online shops too like Zalora, Lazada, Shopee and more. You can also now conveniently pay for your online airline tickets from Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and others.

Since I only needed the virtual card to connect to my Paypal account for an additional funding source aside from my credit card, I only opted for the free one.

Connecting this card to Paypal is also a breeze. The only thing you need is to load your card with at least Php150. Paypal will charge $1 to check if your card is active but it will refund it after this verification. Mine only took minutes to get refunded. Another charge will be posted on your account, it’s the Php100 for the Paypal verification code. The 4 digit code that you input on your Paypal account to complete your card link verification process. This charge will also get refunded but it is not as fast as the one Paypal charged. Mine took 2 days for the Php100 to get refunded. The 4 digit Paypal verification code took only minutes to get posted on my Paymaya account, make sure you have the Paymaya app to see this. Just swipe down on the app to refresh the list of charges and you’ll see the code there.

To know more about Paymaya check the link below:


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