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Boracay Snapshots – Summer Getaway 2017

Boracay Snapshots – Summer Getaway 2017

I never thought it was possible to get a hold of cheap flights from Manila to Caticlan but we were lucky enough to score flights from Cebu Pacific’s Piso fare promo. The total cost from Manila to Caticlan and back is Php 1,730.48 for the two of us without baggage.

For the accommodation, we used Agoda and chose La Bella Hostel (Station 1) for 2 nights and Fairways Bluewater Resort for the last night. We were again lucky to get promo rates for Fairways at Php 3,800. The hotel staff said the original price for walk-in guests is around Php 8,000 per night. The two accommodations exceeded our expectations. The La Bella staff were friendly and very helpful. The place is also clean, provided free breakfast and the place is only a few steps away from the beach.

Fairways Hotel staff were also very friendly and helpful. The place is very safe with guards roaming around. The entire resort is so big, with an 18 hole golf course, 6 swimming pools and a private beach. You would have to ride their free shuttle service to be able to get to certain parts of the resort. They also provide free shuttle to and from D*mall, Station 2. The place is also clean and there’s also a free breakfast buffet.

We stayed in Boracay for 4 days and got to roam around leisurely. We were able to try the famous Jonah’s Fruit Shakes, ate at D*Talipapa paluto, tried Tom n Tom’s coffee and experience the Boracay sunset. Boracay Station 1 is relatively quiet, Station 2 is the party place and the location of the famous D*Mall and various fast food chains like McDo, Yellow Cab Pizza and Jollibee. Station 3 is already very far and we were not able to explore it.

Here are some of the fees you may want to take note of.

Upon arrival at the Caticlan airport:
Tricycle to Cagban Jetty Port Terminal – Php 50.00
Terminal Fee – Php 100.00
Environmental Fee – Php 75.00
Ferry to Boracay Island – Php 25.00
Tricycle to Hostel at Station 1 – Php 150

Upon departure from Boracay Island:
Tricycle to Jetty Port – Php 150.00
Terminal Fee – Php 100.00
Ferry – Php 25.00
Tricycle to Caticlan Airport – Php 50.00

And last but not the least here are some photos from our trip.

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