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Early Summer Adventure – Fortune Island Nasugbu Batangas

Early Summer Adventure – Fortune Island Nasugbu Batangas

A casual conversation lead to an adventure on this island off the coast of Nasugbu Batangas. Fortune Island as it is called, is more than an hour’s boat ride from Nasugbu. Its famous attraction, the Greek pillars on top of a mountain, white sand beach and clear blue water. Because of its unique topography, it has become a popular destination for outings and photoshoots.

This is more of an experience sharing rather than a guide. There are a few tips below so make sure to read until the end.

The trip from Manila to Nasugbu Batangas took about 2 hours, passing by the foggy Tagaytay. We arrived in Nasugbu around 8am, left the shore shortly after and arrived at Fortune Island past 9am. We were told before we left the shore that if we were not staying overnight, we have to be back before 2pm because of the strong waves.

Approaching the island, one can already see the Greek pillars and a few tents set up on the shore. We were already half wet alighting from the boat. We brought a tent with us to store our stuff and a plce to change clothes. We only had a limited time on the island so we immediately went to the pillars to take some photos.

Past 12pm and we’re packed and ready to go back. The waves were already very strong so the boat was unable to go near the shore. We had to swim to get on the boat. With our life vests on, we swam towards the boat holding on to the roap which anchored the boat to the shore. If you are wondering how our stuff managed to get in the boat, well they had this big basin and plastic, they placed the bags inside the plastic, then onto the basin then had it float on the water with one of the boatmen holding it and another one waiting to receive it on the boat.

The boat ride back at past 12pm is not for the faint of heart. People who say that the sea there is rough are not joking. Its like riding a mini vikings (you know, the theme park ride) on a fine day for more than 1 hour. The waves were strong and they’re everywhere, one after the other. The boat was flying one second then splashing on the water the next. The only unfortunate thing about this destination is the bumpy and rough (understatement of the year) sea even on a sunny day.

It was a great adventure, a little scary but memorable nonetheless. Its not everyday you get to experience these things.

To make your trip to Fortune Island more memorable and less of a headache I have listed a few tips below to help you out.

Bring drinking water and ice – there are no stores on the island to buy stuff from
Bring a tent – even if you’re not staying overnight, this would be very useful for shade, a place to change clothes and store your stuff.
Waterproof your gadgets – even if your gadgets are originally waterproof you may still want to secure them in waterproof bags or cases (just in case they also need to float to ride the boat).
Bring trash bags – take care of the environment
Come early if you’re planning on a day trip only
Bring a hat or cap or long sleeved top to cover you when you’re just strolling around. It’s hot but windy.
Bring sunscreen and apply every after 2 hours
It is impossible not to get wet so bring extra clothes, shampoo and soap.
If you have seasickness I suggest just go elsewhere.

Resort entrance fee – Php 300 per head
Boat rental – Php 4,000

Now if you’re itching to see what Fortune Island looks like on a February 19, 2017 sunny day, check out the photos below.

Stop over at Tagaytay Twin Lakes on the way home.

The original agenda for this trip was a photo shoot so here’s the Sun, Sand and Beach Photoshoot we did on Fortune Island.

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