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Throwback Thursday Summer in Bangkok

Throwback Thursday Summer in Bangkok

This is the first overseas trip me and my two sisters went to together. Yeah, the first one where the 3 of us were present. Destination? Bangkok!

Boarded Cebu Pacific early in the morning for a 3 hour flight to Bangkok. We got our tickets on sale a few months back. Itinerary include the malls and shopping for my sister, the Exoluxion Kpop Concert at the Impact Arena for me and my youngest sister and for my me time, the Grand Palace Temples.

We landed in Bangkok around noon and it was raining so we had to stay at the airport and eat lunch for a while before we head out.

Next stop the hotel that will accommodate us for our 4 day visit, Ratchada Point Hotel Bangkok. This is a newly opened hotel, well it was at that time (June 2015). The lobby looked good and the rooms were really nice as well. The location was near a train station which was a plus but it was a bit hard to find.

Check out the pictures below and see the awesomeness of this place 🙂

** All photos were taken using my Asus Zenfone 2’s camera and not much edits done aside from resizing and watermarking the photos.

The Lobby

The Room

As you can see, the room my sister booked was very big. Yes, as you can see from the pictures, the room has a 2nd floor, complete with a fridge, microwave oven and sink. The 2nd floor has 2 beds, cabinets and a flat screen TV. The first floor, the usual fridge, TV set and a huge bed! I can stay here forever! I chose the first floor of course.

After settling down, we went out to explore the malls! Check out the photos of the Siam malls, Terminal 21 Bangkok and the Cocoichibanya curry house restaurant (food is important hehe).

Terminal 21 Mall Bangkok

CocoIchibanya Curry Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok Thailand

Siam Center and Siam Square Bangkok Thailand

We were able to explore the malls in half a day because we just walked around with nothing to buy really. Picture here and there before we finally went back to the hostel.

There are still a lot of places we have not visited in Thailand. For one, I wanted to visit the World Heritage Site Ayutthaya but there was not enough time. I also was not able to visit the reclining Buddha so save that for the next trip.

PS. People in Thailand are really friendly even though they do not understand you, they will smile and try to really help you. This is one of the reasons our trip was really memorable.

Thanks to: The 7-11 store near our hostel for the delicious bread and snacks we usually buy for breakfast. My sister made a couple of friends at the Exo concert in Bangkok and she’s still in touch with them till now. They usually tease her by sending her pictures of the bread rack at 7-11 telling her to visit Bangkok again.

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