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Anawangin Island and its raw beauty

Anawangin Island and its raw beauty

Anawangin may not be the last frontier like Palawan but this island is truly amazing. The mountains that meet the sea, the trees, sunset, white sand and blue waters of the beach each contribute to the awesomeness of the place. Since there are no hotels and establishments around, no electricity and no cell signal, the feel of nature and it’s raw beauty can really be felt.
Anawangin island is about 4-5 hours away from Manila. This includes the bus ride, tricycle ride and a boat ride to the island itself. The experience of camping for the first time, seeing the sky full of stars at night, seeing a shooting star and a firefly are all memories that will never be forgotten.
Here are some photos I took. Some were taken using my point and shoot camera and some with my Canon DSLR.

 The boat ride to Anawangin. The blue waters and mountains make this place visually appealing.

While on the boat ride to Anawangin Island, we passed by these rock formations and some other boats going to and from the island.

Camping at Anawangin Island. Check out the white sand ^^

The camping grounds.

This view looks like we’re not in the Philippines.

The sunset. (Photo above)

The photo above was taken early morning with a long exposure to achieve the silky effect of the water.
The next post will be infrared photos I took from this place. Stay tuned!

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