Which Image Qualities Drive Engagement on Instagram (Infographic)

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Almost everybody knows what Instagram is, even the priest in our church quotes it sometimes in his sermons. This social media site has exploded in popularity. Before it was only used to upload self photos and photos of cats, dogs and pets but now it has evolved to be an important tool for business marketing. Instagram is now an integral part of a business’ social presence on the internet. Big brands have already started opening their own accounts to attract more people and to spread word about their business.

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The question remains, of the thousands of images uploaded on Instagram, what kind of images drive the most engagement. Engagement meaning the number of likes, comments and followers a photo and an account gets after it has been uploaded.

Entrepreneur.com posted this article titled “Instagram Success: These Types of Images Drive the Most Engagement”. The infographic below, which is part of the article, shows the types of photos that get the most engagement based on different aspects such as color, background ratio, saturation etc. Curalate created a custom image-analysis algorithm to examine more than 8 million images and came up with the results below.

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Anyone who’s using Instagram for brand awareness and marketing should take note of this infographic. This should help in selecting which photos to use to maximize user engagement.

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The last one, duck face selfies generate 1,112% more likes than traditional selfies, I thought this was included before reading the fine print 😀

The source of the infographic and the article I mentioned above can be found here http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229901?newsletter=true

Ps: My mom was talking to me while writing this. I couldn’t concentrate.

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