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What Makes Singapore Changi Airport the Best International Airport?

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Changi Airport in Singapore has never failed to join the list of the best airports around the world. It topped this list more than once and reveals the reasons why. Check out the video below and the amazing amenities you can find at Changi Airport.

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Singapore Changi is proof that airports don’t necessarily have to be a boring purgatory while you wait for your flight.

Singapore’s international airport is known for its groundbreaking design, which include amenities like themed gardens (including a two-level butterfly habitat in Terminal 3) and a Balinese-style rooftop pool.

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There are even Snooze Lounges, where travelers can curl up on comfy chairs and really unwind, and more than 80 restaurants, bars, and fast-food options for hungry travelers.

Endless diversions, like 24-hour movie theaters and multiple spas, keep people occupied during their layovers.

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But for travelers who have somewhere to be — and fast — it’s the Changi Experience Agents that really excel. There are hundreds of these purple and pink-blazered, iPad-wielding staff members that can help you find your way.


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