Travel Smart – 8 Things to Help Save Space in Your Luggage

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Summer! Is just around the corner and with it comes, piso sale, outings and travels abroad.

If you are like me who likes to bring a lot of things to a trip, packing is a challenge. Fitting those “pasalubongs” and shopping bags into your luggage when going home is always a source of headache.

I have listed a few things below that can help you save on space and excess baggage charges when traveling. Think of these as investments that will help you avoid the headache along the way.

1) Uniqlo Pocketable Parka (jacket)

(Photos courtesy of the Uniqlo Philipines website)

Ready to battle some cold, wind and rain? Check out Uniqlo’s Pocketble Parka

“This thin, light parka features a pocketable design for easy carrying, so it s there when you need it. The carrying pouch has a mesh bottom for added breathability, allowing you to pack it away even when it s wet with rain without getting musty.”

Like what its name says, it’s pocketable. It won’t take too much space inside your luggage. You can just roll it inside the pouch and you’re ready to go.You can put this inside your hand carry and it won’t take up too much space.

Check out more about the item on the Uniqlo Philippines website here.


(Photos courtesy of the Uniqlo Philipines website)

If you’re going to a very cold place, the logical thing is to pack a ton of clothes especially outerwears like jackets and coats.

To save space and cut down on the number of clothes you need to bring, check out Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket. Like it’s name says, it’s light and packs neatly with the free carrying pouch it comes with.

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“This ultra-light down jacket is thin, light, and warm. Durable water-repellant coating and waterproof threads mean a little rain is no problem. Gradient stitching in the body and curved shoulder stitching give it an attractive, feminine style.”

Check out more about the item on the Uniqlo Philippines website here.

3) Uniqlo Airism Shirts, Bottoms and Innerwear

(Photos courtesy of the Uniqlo Philipines website)

If you’re going on a trip to a tropical place where you expect to sweat a lot, you would naturally bring clothes which are comfortable. Check out Uniqlo’s Airism collection. It’s light weight, breathable and quick drying so it gives you long lasting freshness and comfort. Added to this is its self-deodorizing and anti-microbial/anti-odor properties. Because its light weight, you can pack a couple of this and not take up too much space in your luggage.

Check out more about the item on the Uniqlo Philippines website here.

4) Uniqlo Heattech Shirts

(Photos courtesy of the Uniqlo Philipines website)

On the other side of the spectrum is the cold weather. Like what I’ve mentioned above with the outerwear, this Uniqlo collection will keep you warm without taking up too much space plus it features a smooth texture for superb cold-weather comfort. Instead of bringing too much clothes, grab one or two of this and you saved some space in your luggage for other things.

Check out more about the item on the Uniqlo Philippines website here.

5) Uniqlo Packable Bag

(Photos courtesy of the Uniqlo Philipines website)

Now where to place those “pasalubongs” when after packing smart you still needed more space? Introducing Uniqlo’s packable bags. This one has 2 designs, the backpack and the Boston shoulder bag. You may want to pack one of these as an extra storage in case you run out of space in your luggage. They are packable so they won’t take up too much space. Instead of paper bags and plastic bags, you may want to get one of these.

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Check out more about the item on the Uniqlo Philippines website here.

As an alternative if you pass by Landmark Makati, they also sell packable bags there.

6) Grid It Travel Organizer


I own a lot of gadgets and each of them is necessary when I travel. These gadgets come with chargers, cables and other loose accessories that are a bit tricky to pack. To help out on this, check out the Grid It Travel organizer.

Say goodbye to digging around in your bag for the little stray items
Compatible to insert with regular size laptop bag and travel case with its fitting size
Designed to bind different gizmos such as iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, and digital camera
Bring infinite configuration with its rubberized woven elastic object retention system

Lazada Philippines has them for 200 pesos up. Check it out here.


7) Travel Size Bottles

To save space, you might want to ditch that big bottle of shampoo and conditioner or the glass bottles of your beauty products. Transfer them to small travel size bottles so you can still enjoy that face cream without the big glass jar.

Landmark Makati has a selection of these travel size containers. Daiso and Japan Home sell travel kits for 88pesos so you may want to check that out too.

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Another suggestion would be to buy travel sets of your favorite beauty products. Most of them have it but if they don’t try looking for sample pouches of the products.


8) Ziplock plastic bags (It does not only store your favorite food, it has some other uses too!)

Yes, you read it right. You know those vacuum bags that they advertise where you put your clothes in and vacuum the air out to compress the clothes, ziplock bags work the same way. How do I know? I’ve tried it of course! The only downside is that the clothes get crumple marks but the ziplock bags work the same way at the fraction of the price. Grab the biggest size at your favorite grocery store.

All you need to do is put the folded clothes inside the ziplock bag, put it as much as it can hold, zip it but not all the way. Make sure there is an opening to push the air out, not too big though. After pushing the air out, lock the bag all the way. Walla! Compressed clothes.

You can also use the ziplock bags to secure your gadgets and prevent them from getting wet. You can also place the bottles containing liquid to prevent them from spilling all over your luggage.

There you go! I hope these items will help you out on your next trip.

Do you have other items you swear helped you cut out on those excess baggage costs? Hit up the comments section and share them with us.

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