The Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones Blue – Semi Unboxing

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The Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones Blue – Semi Unboxing

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This Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones in Blue has been on my wish list since I saw it on Kpop group Exo’s Call Me Baby Music Video. The two features that caught my attention were, it was wireless and it has touch control on the right outer part of the earpads. You can control the volume, shift to the next or previous track and play or stop playback through touch controls.

This Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones in Blue is not available in the Philippines. I have been looking around for it since last year and the only variant available in Samsung stores is the Samsung Level On Wireless Pro Headphones which costs almost Php 9,000.

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The most expensive price I saw on eBay for this particular model is around US$270. I have been browsing to see whether there are sellers offering this at a much lower price point. Lucky for me I got one for US$ 139.99 with free 2-day shipping. I ordered it and had it shipped to Myecasa.

I had one problem with this order though, the USPS tracking number on my eBay account was not updating its status for over a week. I messaged the seller and it turned out the tracking number was different and the item was already delivered after 2 days. He gave me the correct tracking number and there I saw that it was already delivered to Myecasa.

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It was sitting in Myecasa warehouse for a few days already when I changed the tracking number on my account. The next day I received the payment details. I only paid Php 896.00 (2 pounds – Php 400 per pound plus 12% VAT). Not bad for such an expensive item coming from abroad. I was expecting to pay for at least 3 pounds or Php 1,000 plus but good thing the box and weight were less than 2 pounds.

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The package includes the headphones, a pouch, manual, charging cable and 3.5mm audio cable.

I paid for the item, Thursday and received it, Thursday the next week (today actually).

Here are the pictures of the Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones in Blue.

P 20160609 121539 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 121902 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 121947 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122018 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122056 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122236 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122546 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122630 (2) (Large)

P 20160609 122706 (Large)

P 20160609 122726 (Large)

P 20160609 122808 (2) (Large)


Now it’s time to rock Exo’s new album Ex’Act and give this headphones a test drive.

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