The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand Adventure

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This is one place you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Bangkok Thailand.

I went to the Grand Palace Bangkok all by my lonesome self. My sisters were off somewhere and didn’t want to join me. They missed a lot I would tell you. This place is amazing. It’s like being engulfed in history at the present moment. The intricate architecture of the Grand Palace is astounding but going to this place from our hostel is a bit of a challenge. You have to ride a ferry to get there. Yes, a ferry or a passenger boat if you want to put it that way!

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Below are the photos I took of the Grand Palace Bangkok courtesy of my new Asus Zenfone 2’s camera.

The Ferry Ride to the Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

These pictures are not edited aside from resizing and watermarking. I’m too lazy to edit each and every photo. The Asus Zenfone 2’s camera takes really good photos in Auto mode (yeah the laziness is evident here :P).

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