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Taste of Seoul – Explore Korean Food On a Budget With These Deals

I have been a fan of Korean dramas for the past few years and not only did it introduce the Korean culture, it also introduced a lot of very beautiful places and of course very delicious food. If you often watch Korean variety shows, they always introduce places and food to their viewers. While writing and researching for this post I could not help but crave for these dishes. Koreans don’t only eat Kimchi. Since they experience the 4 seasons they have different delicious delicacies to suit your taste during…

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Discover Seoul South Korea – 21 Tourist Attractions for Less Than Php 2,000

I have always wanted to visit South Korea but haven’t have the time to do so. I have been a fan of korean dramas and because of this I was introduced to the culture and lots of nice places I wish to visit one day. The country is so picturisque that a lot of people are now flocking to visit the country hoping to get a glimpse of that scene from their favorite kdrama. South Korea has successfully promoted their tourism through their korean dramas and music. The widespread knowledge…

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