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The 52 Best Nature Captions and Quotes for Instagram

This is another part of travelandleisure.com’s instagram captions suggestions. Check out the first part here. This time the focus is nature. Check it out below. Best Nature Captions Chasing waterfalls *insert droplet emoticon* Good clean fun in the dirt. Every mountain high, every valley low *insert mountain emoticon* Another day, another sunrise. Psithurism: the sound of wind in trees *insert wind and falling leaves emoticons* The view from the top *insert mountain emoticon* Call of the wild! As free as a bird *insert bird emoticon* Where the wild things are. (For your…

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Which Image Qualities Drive Engagement on Instagram (Infographic)

Almost everybody knows what Instagram is, even the priest in our church quotes it sometimes in his sermons. This social media site has exploded in popularity. Before it was only used to upload self photos and photos of cats, dogs and pets but now it has evolved to be an important tool for business marketing. Instagram is now an integral part of a business’ social presence on the internet. Big brands have already started opening their own accounts to attract more people and to spread word about their business. The…

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