Small Living Space Ideas – Affordable and Easy DIY Window Curtains

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Living in a rented place has its pros and cons. There are restrictions on what you can do and also need to be careful that you don’t damage anything. I wanted to cover the room division here in our place with curtains but having searched around, I found out the curtain designs were not to my liking so I decided to just sew my own. If you need something to cover up your windows but you find ready made curtains too expensive of too flowery for your taste, here is a DIY project that can help you.

I went to Divisoria and looked around for a plain black fabric. I’m really ignorant about the types of fabric so I just got a bunch from the sidewalk. There were lots to choose from but I settled for the one priced at 25pesos per yard. I got 6 yards and it’s good that the width of the fabric is about 60inches so I only need 2 panels of cloth at 3 yards each. Another thing, I don’t have a sewing machine so I decided to just stitch the ends of the curtain to hide the crooked parts with a running stitch. I’m pretty sure no one will criticize my sewing skills and question why the stitches are not running in a straight line so long as the objective is achieved, it’s already good enough.

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If you’re asking why I settled for a plain black cloth, the answer is because the room is already a bit small and having too many designs on a curtain will leave the room feeling more cramped. The color also matches the color scheme I wanted for my space which is clean and minimalist, black, white and gray.

Below is a list of the things you need for this project, where to buy them and the price.

What you will need for this project:

  • If your windows don’t have curtain rods yet you may want to consider buying the following:
    Tension Rod (Daiso) – I got the longest one, 115cm – 190cm (the one the extends up to 190cm) for 88pesos
  • Adhesive hooks – Japan Home at 34pesos for 6 pcs. If your fabric is a bit heavy, you may want to choose an adhesive hook that can carry or withstand more weight. Since I cannot poke holes on the walls here to stick some nails for the rod to hang on, I had to use adhesive hooks instead.
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For the curtains:

  • Any kind of cloth/fabric (measure the size of your window) – I got mine at Divisoria for 25pesos per yard.
  • Binder Rings – National Bookstore at 45pesos for 10pcs.
  • Thread and needle – For sewing the ends of the fabric
  • Your hands that know how to sew a running stitch or if you have a sewing machine.

How to do it:

All you need to do is sew the ends of the fabric to hide the loose threads. Running stitch will do but if you have a sewing machine you can do this easily. Then you can either poke holes on the top of the fabric to attach the binder rings or sew them directly on the fabric. I opted to sew them so I don’t damage the fabric in case I have other uses for it. Attach the adhesive hooks on the wall where you want your rods to hang. Slide the binder rings with the curtain on the tension rod and hang the rod on the adhesive hooks you placed on the wall. Since my adhesive hook is not big enough to directly put the tension rod on it, I used strings to hang both ends on the hook.

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Here are the before and after photos for you to be able to see the difference.

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