Reminiscing Hong Kong and Macau

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Reminiscing Hong Kong and Macau

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2010 and 2011 were my travel years. Been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, on one occasion, alone and on others with friends and family. I have opted to go alone the first time to the 3 countries and I can say that the trips were fulfilling.

The famous Disneyland in Hong Kong and The Venetian Hotel in Macau are two places you shouldn’t miss when going to these countries. Of course a lot of Kpop fans would remember The Venetian Hotel and other places in Macau, especially the Bubble Tea store leading to the St. Paul Ruins as the location for the famous Boys Over Flowers drama. When I went there the store was actually showing the drama clips on a small television. Remember the time when Jandi left her wallet after buying egg tart with JiHoo? That’s the store 🙂

You will enjoy the scenic business district of Hong Kong along the Victoria harbor and catch the Symphony of lights at night. As for Macau, enjoy the fusion of culture, where east meets west. It was just funny when this place has lots of churches and lots of casinos at the same time 😛

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One tip when going around Macau, make sure to catch the hotel shuttles that go from either the airport or the ferry terminals. They are free! You can hop in on any of them anytime! You also get free casino vouchers to try out on their hotels.

Without further ado, here are some photos of my previous trips to Hong Kong and Macau.

This was the street leading to the Ruins of St. Paul. That Mcdo on the picture was where I ate breakfast.


Hello Disney! Hong Kong Disneyland night shot. We were waiting for the fireworks to start.

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This was in Ngong Ping Garden the one leading to the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong. One needs to ride the cable car to and from this place which takes around 25 mins one way. Oh and for fun choose the crystal cabin (more expensive though)!


The Venetian Macau. Make sure to check out this hotel when visiting Macau. They have stores where to can shop as well as a food court. That on the first floor is the casino area. No kids allowed though, even if you’re just passing by. There are guards stationed at the entrance to check those who look like minors so you can’t cheat unless you look old.

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The Nan Lian Gardens Hong Kong in infrared! This is a garden within the city. A very relaxing place! You can take pictures but no tripods allowed inside.

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This is in Ngong Ping heading to the Giant Buddha. (Hong Kong)

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Snoopy! Yes they do have a Snoopy playground in Hong Kong. I think it’s called Snoopy Land. I had to change a couple of trains and get lost to get to this place.

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The Clock Tower along Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

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The Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau. This is a replica of a Roman stadium or coliseum.

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This is a plaza leading to the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau. Very nice place with lots of interesting architecture.

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The Ruins of St. Paul in Macau.

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The Hong Kong business district taken from the other side along the Victoria Harbor.

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That’s it! I wanted to post more pictures but I don’t want this post to get too long. If you’re planning to go on a trip to Hong Kong and Macau make sure to include these places to your itinerary.

Until my next post! Tata ^^

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