OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals Tips on How To Achieve Instagram Worthy Photos

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I have always envied those who have good looking instagram feeds that’s why I mostly spent time browsing through the site to study and marvel at those food photos and flatlays. These instagram accounts are definitely #feedgoals. I didn’t know what those pretty photos taken from the top were called so I searched and found out they were called flatlay. I also searched on how to do flatlays and I thought I would share something here for those who wish to get started.

The first thing I discovered was most of them were taken with a camera phone. Yes, you read it right, a camera phone. Phone cameras are becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays and the good news is that’s all the gear you’ll need to get started. This article will also introduce you to the best companion phone for this, the OPPO F1s.

The OPPO F1s has a lot of winning features that you can find in other more pricey phones at the fraction of the price. The OPPO F1s sports a 5.5inch display, 16mp front camera, a couple of photo filters, 13mp rear camera, 3GB of RAM, dual sim slots, 32GB of memory expandable up to 128GB, 3075mAh battery and it supports LTE and OTG plus bluetooth 4.0.

Read on below for tips on how to shoot that Instagram worthy photo and how the OPPO F1s can help you achieve your #feedgoals.

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Your phone’s camera is all you need.

The OPPO F1s has a 5.5inch HD display which means you can see clearly the objects you are shooting. It’s rear camera boasts a 13mpx sensor with an aperture of f2.2. The lower the number on the aperture the better for low light shooting. The OPPO F1s’ front camera has a 16mpx sensor and an aperture of f2.0 which means you can take good selfies in low light situations. With this aperture you can also capture night shots easily.

Study your phone’s manual and play around with the controls on the camera app. If there is a manual mode on your phone’s camera, you may want to try that one too.

You may want a background that is clean and plain. I always use white cartolina for my flatlay photos. You can also use a bed sheet or a textured rug. Make sure the background does not overpower the objects you are taking photos of or they will look cluttered.

If you’re doing flatlay, shoot from above. Stand on a stool or place the objects on the floor so you can easily take photos from the top. Stick with a color scheme, like black and white only or pink and white only so your photo will look clean and uniform. Fill in the spaces in between your main objects. Jewelries, accessories, small things can fill those blank spaces.

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Have a theme for your flatlay photos. You can have a travel inspired flatlay, or your #ootd, food is also very popular. Be creative, get your hand in the photo holding the cup of coffee or include your cat or dog too.

This is also very important but you do not need state of the art photography lights to achieve good results. I find natural light coming from the windows is the best one to use. Since the OPPO F1s’ camera has an aperture of f2.2 and f2.0, you won’t have a hard time getting well lit photos since a lot of light will come in through the sensors, exposing the objects well. More light, more details.
Editing Apps
I only use 2 on my phone, VSCO and Snapseed. One tip I got was not to use too much filter or to over edit the photos. You may want it to look as natural as possible.

With the OPPO F1s’ 3GB of RAM, you can install and use as much mobile editing software as you need and not experience any lags or performance issues. The 32GB of memory expandable to 128GB means you can shoot and store more photos and not worry about running out of space.

The OPPO F1s built in filters are also good for editing your selfies. A host of plug-ins and filters gives endless opportunity for taking creative, share-able photos, and a new water-marking
feature allows users to imprint photos with time, date, temperature and more.

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For those who love to share selfie photos on their instagram feed, you will be overjoyed to know that the OPPO F1s has a selfie panorama feature. Users can simply rotate the phone from side to side to take a wide-angle selfie. The F1s automatically stitches together the photos to make sure that the whole party gets in the shot!

Check out similar Instagram Accounts
Instagram now has a feature where you can save a photo to your account privately and view them easily. Save all the Instagram photos you like and make them your reference.

There you have it! Some tips on how to achieve Instagram worthy photos with just your phone.

Say goodbye to those dark underexposed photos and say hello to well lit awe inducing Instagram photos with the OPPO F1s mobile phone, the selfie expert. Capture that moment with only  the best!

Check out the complete specs and more on OPPO’s website below:

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**This article is an entry to Nuffnang Philippines’ OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals blog contest.

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