My Cousin’s Wedding – My Canon EOS M3’s First Wedding Experience

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My Cousin’s Wedding – My Canon EOS M3’s First Wedding Experience

I attended my cousin’s wedding last April 18, 2016 at the Malate Church tagging along with me my Canon EOS M3 camera with the kit lens. After having experienced carrying the bulky Canon 500d DSLR on trips, I realized how convenient it was to carry around the Canon M3. It was obviously smaller, lighter and not as attention grabbing as the huge DSLR.

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I placed the camera in a blue Igloo insulated lunch box which I bought at Landmark. The lunch box was 250pesos and gave the camera enough protection. Compared to expensive camera bags, this one is cheap and concealed the camera properly as it looked like I was bringing my baon with me to the church.

Anyway back to the performance of the Canon M3, the church was a bit dark for the camera’s sensor to get enough light, so I had to bump up the ISO to around 1600 since I was unable to use flash. The camera had a hard time focusing. The people walking down the aisle where not captured properly because they walked too fast and the camera could not focus properly. That’s the only setback though, the photos of still people and photos outside the church and the reception were focused properly.

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Here are some photos of the wedding which I edited and converted to monochrome. All these were taken using the Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera with the 18-55 kit lens.

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IMG 0816-2 (Large)

IMG 0776-2 (Large)


IMG 0777-1 (Large)


IMG 0779-2 (Large)


IMG 0780-2 (Large)


IMG 0784-1 (Large)


IMG 0786-1 (Large)


IMG 0787-1 (Large)


IMG 0792-1 (Large)


IMG 0813-1 (Large)


IMG 0815-1 (Large)


IMG 0816-2 (Large)


IMG 0887-1 (Large)


That’s it! Capturing the moment with the Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera.

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