Manila International Auto Show April 2016

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Here are some photos I shot with the Canon EOS M3 with 18-55mm lens at the annual Manila International Auto Show. One that particularly caught my attention was the Subaru concept car with suicide doors, great interior and a gorgeous exterior design.

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20160410170509 IMG 0739

20160410165830_IMG_0716 20160410165836_IMG_0717 20160410170007_IMG_0718 20160410170041_IMG_0722 20160410170058_IMG_0723 20160410170140_IMG_0725 20160410170205_IMG_0727  20160410170243_IMG_0729 20160410170304_IMG_0730 20160410170328_IMG_0732 20160410170336_IMG_0733 20160410170345_IMG_0734 20160410170353_IMG_0735 20160410170424_IMG_0737 20160410170537_IMG_0740 20160410175142_IMG_0742 20160410175227_IMG_0743

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