How to Make Money Online – Creating the Website Edition

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I have previously written about how to monetize or make money online through a website. Now I got a lot of questions about how to create a website. I’m putting up this short guide on how to create a free website without the need to code anything.

Two sites are very popular as a blogging platform. The first one is owned by Google which is called and the other more familiar content management for both hosted and free websites,



WordPress is a very popular system that people with a more advanced knowledge of creating a website often use. It is a package of files that you upload to your own hosting service, install, configure and you now have a fully functional website. The download is free but you have to have a hosting service and a domain name to run it. on the other hand is already a complete package, you just have to register, choose a website name which looks like and you now have a website. You just have to worry about the content.

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You can also customize your WordPress site with readymade themes which are available on your WordPress account dashboard. You can choose to change the theme to suit your taste.

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Blogger-Logo has the same concept. If you already have a Gmail email account, it would be easy to register for a Blogger account, you just have to activate it by going to the site. Your site’s web address will look like and you choose the “name” part in the address.

You can also customize the look of your Blogger site by changing the theme. There are themes to choose from in your account dashboard. A lot of people choose since it has Adsense integrated to it. You will be able to see Adsense in your account dashboard if you already have an Adsense account. It is also easier to integrate the Adsense ads in your site when using Blogger.

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There are other free sites you can register and create your sites with but the above ones are the most popular and widely used. You are not limited to one blog on these platforms, you can make as many as you wish.

Start blogging and start earning!

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