Feeling Crafty – DIY Moodboard

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DIY Moodboard

Feeling crafty lately? Here’s one thing you can try out to lift up your mood. Something you can pin your photos on or some inspirational quotes to brighten up your day.


This moodboard that I setup is made from 3 wire frames I bought from Japan Home at Cash and Carry Makati for 88pesos each. The wire frames are 53x29cm in size so I decided to get 3. I connected them together using black file clips I bought from National Bookstore.

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I also bought a bunch of wood clips to attach the photos and stuff I wish to put on my moodboard. I bought them at Landmark Makati for 30pesos.



Aside from photos and printed quotes, you can also hang your sunglasses and watches on there.

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To get you started with your own moodboard, I’m sharing below the quotes that I printed on a board paper. You may want to print it on a sturdy paper so it doesn’t crumple easily. I arranged 6 photos on 1 letter size paper so they don’t look too big on the moodboard. You can arrange them on the paper as you wish and resize them to your liking.

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Right click the photos and save as to download them to your computer.


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