Enchanted Photo Shoot

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This was a trial shoot I did with my cousin at our house a few years back. I decided to try and edit these photos using Photoshop CS6 to familiarize myself with the interface. These photos were taken raw and imported to Photoshop CS6 using Camera Raw.

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Natural light was used together with my Canon 500D, 18-55mm kit lens and some shots were taken using the 50mm 1.8F lens.

I am a newbie at this so you can see a lot of flaws when it comes to focus and lighting.

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Check out some photos below.

This was taken inside the house near the door.


This was taken outside the house, along the street.

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This was also taken along the street in front of our house.


The photo above was taken in our backyard.


Also taken in our backyard.

The backyard fairy 😛

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