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red-hands-woman-creative (Small)A lot of people have asked me how I earn money online and the explanation almost always baffles them. Some think it’s that simple, others think it’s too complicated. However one may think it may be, it’s not impossible to earn money online.

With the advancement in technology, everyone now has access to the internet and gadgets capable of connecting you to the web anytime anywhere. Traditional advertising has moved from traditional means to a more electronic approach. Advertising to possible customers has never been as easy and less expensive as before.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have opened its doors to digital advertising. Businesses and even individuals can now pay these social media platforms to advertise their services or products. Blogs and personal websites have now proliferated the web because of its ease to create one.

If there are advertisers you can be sure that there are publishers. The one who spends money to advertise (businesses and individuals) connects to the place where these advertisements show up (blogs, personal websites, social media platforms etc.). That’s one of the ways to earn money online.

To connect publishers and advertisers, there are online networks or sites that do this. Below are the ones I use to earn money for my sites.

Google Adsense


Adsense is a popular choice when it comes to website and blog advertising. You just sign up as a publisher and create ads directly on their site. You will have to paste the ad codes to your site to show ads.

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As the name suggests it is owned by Google. The reason it’s very popular is because its advertiser pool is very big therefore whatever topic your site contains, you can be sure there are related ads that can be shown to your readers therefore maximizing your earnings potential.

You can probably see blocks of ads on the sidebar of this blog as well as above and below this article. Those are Adsense advertisements placed on strategic places to gain maximum exposure.

Adsense also pays your earnings through Western Union that you can pick up anywhere in the Philippines. This makes it convenient to cash out your earnings.



This one has a local office in the Philippines and geared towards the local market. Advertisers here are mostly Philippine brands so this fits perfectly if you have a local audience. The ad pool for Nuffnang is not as big as Adsense so websites and blogs compete to get ads shown on their spaces. You have to have a really popular blog to earn the maximum through Nuffnang. It’s worth a try through since signing up is free.

Check out Nuffnang Philippines here.



Next in line is Clicksor. This is not as big as Adsense but it pays for traffic from a lot of countries. I use this mainly for banner ads that pay per a thousand unique impressions or page views. This is more suitable for sites that have a ton of visitors. An example of this would be an inspirational quotes site, wallpaper website etc. These types of sites may earn less from Adsense but more from Clicksor because of the number of visits it generates.

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Check out Clicksor here.



The next advertiser I use on my sites is Exoclick. Like Clicksor I also only use banner ads from this network but they also have a bunch of other different ad types you can explore. One of these is their mobile redirect where your visitors on mobile phones or tablets are redirected to advertiser sites and you get paid. Another ad type is the pop up ads which are pretty much annoying but pays a lot as well if you have tons of page view.

Check out Exoclick here.

Lazada.com.ph Affiliate Program


Lazada is one of the biggest online shopping networks in the Philippines. They have a publisher or affiliate network you can sign up for to earn commissions for every product you sell for them. After you sign up for an affiliate account you will be provided with ad banners or links you can use to advertise products on your site. These banner codes and link codes contain a unique affiliate ID so the system can identify that the sale or click came from your affiliate account.

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They take a couple of days to check your website and approve your affiliate account.

Check out the Lazada Philippines’ affiliate program here.

Paid Articles and Ad Spots


Another way to earn getting advertisers to advertise directly on your site without going through ad networks. You can place a block of Advertise here banner like the one above then link to an Advertise page where your contact information can be found. This eliminates third party networks that reduce your potential earnings. The pricing is up to you and the duration the ad is displayed on your site may be decided by the potential advertiser.

You can also get paid write ups where companies contact you to write something about their product or event and they pay you for it. Make sure your Contact page is up to date so you don’t lose these opportunities.

These are just some of the ways you can earn online. I use these advertising networks personally so I know that they pay their publishers on time. You can try them out and see what works for your sites.

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