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Sentosa Fun Pass: 19 Attractions, 1 Pass for less than Php 2,000

Save big with the Sentosa Fun Pass. Since I have been blogging about travel promotions and deals these past few days like Macau, Hongkong and Seoul South Korea, the next one on the list is of course Singapore. Save more and save time with the Sentosa Fun Pass. Get to experience 19 attractions with just 1 pass. Below is the activity list. Attractions Included: 4D AdventureLand: Desperados in 4D 4D AdventureLand: Extreme Log Ride 4D AdventureLand: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island AJ Hackett (Skybridge entry) Bi-Pedal Bicycle (1 hour) Butterfly…

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Taste of Seoul – Explore Korean Food On a Budget With These Deals

I have been a fan of Korean dramas for the past few years and not only did it introduce the Korean culture, it also introduced a lot of very beautiful places and of course very delicious food. If you often watch Korean variety shows, they always introduce places and food to their viewers. While writing and researching for this post I could not help but crave for these dishes. Koreans don’t only eat Kimchi. Since they experience the 4 seasons they have different delicious delicacies to suit your taste during…

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Experience HongKong – Save More and Skip the Lines Get these Deals on Famous HongKong Attractions

HongKong is one the favorite destinations of Filipinos. Be it for shopping, leisure or food, HongKong is the best place if you just want to relax and get out of the country. Travel time is relatively short, less than 2 hours and there’s no need for a Visa to enter so this place is relatively famous for weekend fun. This country is also tourist friendly, most people speak English and there are English signs everywhere. This is also very close to Macau, just an hour’s ferry ride. I have listed…

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Discover Seoul South Korea – 21 Tourist Attractions for Less Than Php 2,000

I have always wanted to visit South Korea but haven’t have the time to do so. I have been a fan of korean dramas and because of this I was introduced to the culture and lots of nice places I wish to visit one day. The country is so picturisque that a lot of people are now flocking to visit the country hoping to get a glimpse of that scene from their favorite kdrama. South Korea has successfully promoted their tourism through their korean dramas and music. The widespread knowledge…

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Enjoy HongKong and Macau Attractions for only Php 5,877 Save Up to 50% (Ocean Park, Peak Tram, Ngong Ping Cable Car, Macau Tower and More)

Hongkong is one of my favorite places to go to. Airlines almost always have airfare promos all year round and it’s just less than 2 hours away. Another thing I like is that it’s near Macau. Every time I come and visit HongKong, I would always set aside 1 day for Macau just to stroll around and of course eat the famous egg tart. That’s 2 places visited by paying only 1 Philippine travel tax! Macau is famous for its gorgeous hotels and casinos. One of the most famous hotels…

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Taiwan 4 Day Sample Itinerary

Last October 2017 I had the chance to visit Taiwan for vacation with my sister. Prior to that, I had searched the internet for resources, photos and sample itineraries to prepare for the trip. Below is a sample 4 day itinerary I put together including some directions, landmarks, train stops and tips. If you haven’t seen my Taiwan Travel photos posts, check them out here. Some of the descriptions here are copied somewhere, I am unable to remember as I just copied and pasted them on a document and did…

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Taiwan Travel Tips for Filipino Travelers

I had the chance to visit this interesting country last October and I have gathered some tips and reminders that may help you out. Here are some Taiwan travel tips for Filipinos who are traveling to Taiwan for the first time. -Book things you can book online in advance like train tickets, entrance tickets etc this not only saves time, it also saves money. We used Klook for this and is very convenient. If you don’t have a account yet, click on the link below. Register a Klook account.…

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