Brilliant Camping Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

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Fond of camping? Here are some tips you may find useful. Try them out on your next camping trip.

Burn sage at your campfire or fire pit to keep the annoying bugs away.

Tie a shoe rack around a tree to hold all your stuff.

Just be sure to put anything smelly away at night because bears.

Make a last-minute spoon with an old soda bottle if you forgot to bring all the right utensils.

Transport charcoal in an egg carton if you don’t want to lug the whole bag.

If you’re super squeamish about popping a squat, go luxe with a DIY camping toilet.

Get the instructions here.

Get to know what common poisonous plants look like.

More info from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) here.

Stuff your shoes with socks or rags to keep insects out of them when you’re sleeping.

Pre-scramble your eggs so you don’t have to bring a mixing bowl — or worry about your eggs cracking in transit.

Bring pre-made pancake mix, so all you have to do is add water and an egg.

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