5 Online Shopping Tricks That You Probably Never Heard Before

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Buy on App

Since almost all shopping sites now have mobile app versions, most of them offer promotions, discounts and vouchers for purchasing using their apps. Check out the price on their website and then on their app and you would probably see a lower price on their app to promote customers to use it more. These shopping portals and airline companies usually offer mobile app only discounts so check it out before you make a purchase.

Leave your products on shopping cart

After adding your products to the cart, leave it for a couple of days. Chances are the online store will send you a special coupon to encourage you to complete the purchase. Even if they are not offering such service, you’ll usually get notification when the products you’ve chose get a drop in price. Well, if you need a coupon immediately and are not willing to wait, coupons website is the perfect place to start.

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I usually get this when I put stuff in my Lazada shopping cart and then forget about it until they email me that the product is available for a lower price or they give me a discount coupon to use to complete the purchase.

Price Comparison Website

These websites are very useful in comparing prices of items across major online stores and even offline ones. It also lists stores that carry such items and not only their prices. Some sites also provide item reviews from customers so you may find this useful before you actually purchase an item.

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Credit card as your main payment method

Credit cards more often than not provide customers with more value compared to purchasing with cash. Discounted deals, installment purchases, vouchers and points are just some of the perks. Just make sure to pay your dues on time so as not to make the purchase more expensive than paying for it in cash.

You probably want to avoid shopping on big sale day

This I have also experienced. Some of the sites rack up their prices before the big sale to look like they have discounted the price of the item by such percentage. Make sure to check the item price before the day of the sale to check if you’re really paying lower than the original price.

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