36 Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

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Let’s stop for a while and marvel at these hotels.

Chinese Hotel Rules

My Non-Smoking Hotel Room Came With A Non-Smoking Ashtray

Me And My Business Partner Decided To Share A Hotel Room In Order To Save Some Money. We Weren’t Expecting This

Friend Switched On The Lights In His Hotel Room And Looked Up

The Vent In My Hotel Shower Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

In My Hotel Room, I Can Either Close The Closet Or The Bathroom, But Not Both At The Same Time

This Is On The Bed In My Hotel Room

I Saw This In A Hotel Office

As A Frequent Traveler I Get Gifts At Hotel

I’m Beginning To Think Our Hotel In Cambodia Was A Little Dishonest On Their Flyer About The Amenities

My Hotel Has A Sitting Area With No Possible Way To Access It

The Sink In My Hotel Was A Bit… Complicated

When You’re Feeling Great But Your Hotel Mirror Puts You Back In Check

Hotel I’m Staying At Right Now, Who’s Job Was This? Go Go Gadget Arm

Greatest Hotel Name Of All Time

I Work In A Hotel. We Received This In The Mail Today

The Word “Hot” In Hotel Caught On Fire

Just Found This At A Hotel I’m Staying. Nice Showcase

Both Spelling And The Actual Password For The Wifi At A Hotel Where A Friend Is Staying

So My Friend Is Staying At A Hotel In Minnesota Right Now. Needless To Say, It’s Pretty Cold

Staying At A Hotel In Dublin, This Made Me Giggle

Staying In A Shitty Hotel In New York When

My Parents Just Arrived At Their Hotel In Spain And Sent A Photo Of Their Pool

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