31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

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I have always enjoyed looking at interior design photos, and photos of houses and room decors. I envision my own future home looking like the ones in those magazine photos so I always collect pictures for inspiration and reference.

Below are some cool ideas for your new home or if you’re remodeling your house.

Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.

The bi-level living room will give your home an incredibly spacious yet cozy effect.

Turn an attic nook into a pillow room.

Display your book collection under the stairs.

Or use the space underneath for storage.

Or use that space for a book nook.

Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs.

Make space for two dishwashers instead of one.

If you’re doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

This add-on might cost less than you think.[source: Quora]

Turn your shabby garden shed into a charming artist’s shed.

Install an in-wall pest control system.

Maximize your space with baseboard drawers.

Especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Consider a hidden room.

Make your walls MAGNETIC.

Magnektik makes large magnetic panels that are strong enough to hang anything, including shelves and TVs.

An S-shaped seat turns your shower or steam room into one you can LIE DOWN IN.

Insane in le bain.

Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it.

A walk-in shower means NO GLASS TO CLEAN.

Install chutes in your kitchen for your trash and recycling.

Funnel them straight into the garage.

A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

Build a bar into your deck.

Turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom.

Build a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island for BEER.

Or really, anything you want.

Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.

Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

Utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack.


This sorcery actually exists.

Kids will love having slumber parties in their bunkroom.

Bring the outdoors IN with these accordion glass windows and doors.

Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Who needs heated tiles when you have a bathroom fireplace?

Frame your living room fireplace with built-in seating.

Fireplaceseat is the new windowseat.

And finally, go ahead and add that master bedroom balcony.

You deserve a quiet, tranquil place to look out over your land.

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