24 DIY Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air. It’s already February and just like that we have entered the 2nd month of the new year! Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, a lot of people are already thinking of what special gifts to give their loved ones. I decided to compile gift ideas and suggestions which may help you ease the process of selection.

Below are some DIY Valentine’s gift ideas that you can use as reference or inspiration if you’re still thinking of what to give to your loved ones. It becomes extra special if a gift is made by you so scroll down for 24 DIY creative gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

Kisses From When I’m Not Around

Something edible is still the best gift. Don’t forget to seal it with a kiss. For affordable imported chocolates like Hershey’s Kisses, check out the mezzanine area of Cash and Carry Makati.


I may not be your first date..

Just express how you feel like what this decor says.


Chocolates, still one of the staple gifts..

But to be unique.. try the idea below.

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Donut forget I love you..

Aside from chocolates.. you can try the idea below. I’m pretty sure you can find donuts anywhere.


I’m totally nuts about you..

Inject a bit of humor in your gifts and I’m sure your Valentine’s day won’t be boring. Check out the ideas below. These things are readily available in the supermarket so go on and stack some before they get sold out. It’s the note that counts 🙂


More food ideas..

Who knew gifting a banana can be romantic. You can buy this in any market. Poptarts! Yummy!


This is one simple card but the meaning hmmm.

Aside from humor, you can also inject some.. sincere needs and wants, I guess.


Gummy bears..

Again you can buy this in any supermarket.. the message though is cute. Gummy bears can also be romantic, in a way. You don’t even need to print the message, just get some 1/4 sheet of paper, the one you use as a quiz paper in elementary school and write this down.


Where we met..

Who new Google maps can be so useful it can also be a gift for Valentine’s day. Dig up some of those distant memories and locate them on Google maps.

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More chocolates..

When one is not enough.. get a whole bouquet of chocolates.


Bubble gum..

You will have a lot brands and options for this. It’s affordable but it communicates the message across clearly.


I won the lottery..

Lottery tickets can be romantic too.


List the things you like about him/her.

Now this will take a bit of time so better start listing now.


Gather all those instagram photos.

Photos are one of the best personalized gifts in my opinion. Start reminiscing now.


Use the 5 senses.

This will require a bit of planning but I’m sure it will be worth it.


You light up my life..

This will entail a bit of crafting abilities but it looks really good. At least you can still display this even after Valentine’s day and get reminded of this day again and again.


Toast with Eggs

If you can at least fry an egg and toast some bread then this can be a starter for your Valentine’s day. Surprise him or her with a cute breakfast.

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Mason Jars

Valentine’s day is not only for your significant other, it’s also for everyone you love. Here’s an idea you can tailor to the person you will be giving the gift too.


Why not use chocolate wrappers..

The wrappers need not go to waste. They can also be useful in communicating your message.


Another use for Hershey’s Kisses

Seal it with a kiss too.



This is a good gift if you’re planning to go to the movies for a Valentine’s date. There’s no need to buy popcorn.


Bedroom decor

Who needs to go out when you can stay in the bedroom.


Remember when..

Start thinking of questions and things to write.


An interesting message..

If you’re gifting shoes, this is very good message to go along with it.


As the saying goes.. it’s the thought that counts. You are allowed to be corny and mushy since it’s Valentine’s day so don’t hold back.. go all the way!

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