National Geographic Announces Best Travel Photographs Taken in 2017

We’re not yet done with out “the best list” post. Our next feature is National Geographic’s best travel photographs taken in 2017.

Over 15,000 travelers submitted pictures to National Geographic for the contest. The judges have gone through the pictures and have announced winners in the categories of cities, people, and nature. A Mexican resident named Sergio Tapiro Velasco won the grand prize after taking a photograph of a lightning striking down from a cloud of volcanic ash. In the nature category, this photo got 1st place.

22Honorable Mention, People: Blessings At Besakih, Bali

On the beautiful island of Bali, Besakih Temple has been known to locals as the “Mother Temple” for more than a thousand years. Perched high on the slopes of Mount Agung, a sacred volcano, Besakih consists of three major temples dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. Here, Hindu Balinese often visit to pray, make offerings, and take blessings from pemangku (priests).




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