Taiwan Travel Photos – Tamsui Old Street, Tamsui Love Bridge, Raohe Night Market, Core Pacific Living Mall, Miramar Entertainment Mall

It was raining the first time we went to Tamsui Old Street so we went back again this time the weather was nice and there are lots of people around. We rode the ferry to the Fisherman’s Wharf to check out the Tamsui Love Bridge. If you’re a fan of Taiwanese entertainment, this bridge should be familiar and must have appeared in countless dramas.

Raohe Night Market is one of the famous night markets one has to visit when in Taipei. It was raining again so we just strolled around and ate the famous Sausage.

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The Core Pacific Living Mall’s closing time is rather strange. It’s about 8:45PM so when I got there it was already closed. Just took some photos of the facade which is what attracted me to visit it and then went home.

Miramar Entertainment Mall with the big Ferris Wheel on its rooftop. This has also appeared in countless Taiwanese dramas and also the reason I visited it. The ferris wheel is really huge up close, it can’t even fit in the camera frame.


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