2017 Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival Philippines

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2017 Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival Philippines

Feb 12, 2017 we headed off to Clark for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was a cold morning, 3am and the temperature outside was colder than the car’s air conditioning. When we arrived, there was of course lots of people, some were there as early as 12 midnight. This was the last day of the festival so we expected a lot of people, but not this much.

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We were stuck in line to buy tickets, it was crowded and people were pushing each other. It was already time for the hot air balloons to make its first flight and were not able to see them because we were still in line to get inside.

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Once inside we only saw a bunch of hot air balloons being deflated. They were finishing up and tidying the runway for the next event. It was a dusty morning and we were tired even before we got inside the venue but it was fun nonetheless because I was with friends who just laughed it off with me when these situations happen.

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I’m sharing some pictures below of what was left to see when we were able to get inside.


At least I got to see Yoda 🙂

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