Free Photoshop Actions To Make Your Photoshop Work Flow Easier

Free Photoshop Actions To Make Your Photoshop Work Flow Easier

March 4, 2014


I have been asked about this a lot so I’m sharing the Photoshop actions that I use often. These are not the effects that will produce an output that looks overly edited.

What are Photoshop actions? To put it simply, these are steps you usually do in Photoshop to edit a photo but this time it is done for you automatically. You can repeat these steps with just one click on every photo you wish to edit. You can create your own actions from scratch, automating the usual work flow you do or you can download some for free or paid.

Here are 4 of the Photoshop actions I use frequently together with a short description of each. You can download all these actions for free at the end of this article.

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Librodo Luko Sharpen Photoshop Action

According to Google, this technique was developed through 2 guys called Librodo and Luko hence the name. You can use this to sharpen your photos but make sure to tweak it a bit to best suit the photo you are editing.

TLR B&W Conversion Photoshop Action

I have always been fascinated with Black and White photos so I searched around for an action that will bring about different effects on monochrome. This action includes a bunch black and white effects you can try on your photos.

Dave Ethereal Glow Photoshop Action

Have you always wanted to achieve that fairy, dreamy effect on your photos? Well, here is an effect that will help you achieve it with just one click. The good thing about this Photoshop action is that you can edit how dreamy you want the effect on your photos to be.

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Vignettes Photoshop Action

According to wikipedia, vignetting is a reduction of an image’s brightness or saturation at the periphery. This gives more impact on the center of the photo or the subject you wish to focus on. You can lighten or darken the effect depending on your taste.

How to use:

Locate the Photoshop folder in your hard drive. This is usually located in your Program files > Adobe folder. Once you are in your Photoshop folder click on Presets folder then Actions folder. Copy all the action files to the Actions folder (all Photoshop action files have an .atn extension).

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Open Photoshop then click on Windows on the menu bar then choose Actions. You will now see all the preset actions in here. You can just choose the one you wish to use then click on the play button.

Download the Photoshop actions here for free.


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