My Experience with PLDT MyBro – Slow connection since Jan 2014

My Experience with PLDT MyBro – Slow connection since Jan 2014

February 25, 2014


I’m writing this while waiting for a 35mb download to finish. Smartbro or PLDT Mybro as it’s now called has been inconsistent for the past month until this moment. I have been a subscriber of their canopy internet for about 6 years and so far I have only had to call tech support for house service twice, the most recent was late last year to change the canopy since it was already broken (imagine almost 6 years of constant use, rain or shine). Being a subscriber for that long I know my internet very well and I know when something’s not right (you just feel it!).

Starting this year I have experienced the super slow speed towards the end of January 2014, a speed I have never experienced before. I don’t download torrents by the way and I also don’t play online games (I didn’t even try farmville or the likes). I checked whether other people are experiencing the same thing. I read an article that Smart and PLDT has this so called Fair Usage Policy that gives its subscribers 15GB of data then throttles the speed down to I don’t know how slow! Frustrating! This limit refreshes every month. This policy has been in place since last year but I only got to experience it last month. I thought their long term subscribers get a privilege for sticking with them, but I guess not.

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I work online and internet is very important to me. I would rather go with a normal internet speed that is consistently connected vs a fast one that disconnects often. I have a back up internet, Globe Unlimited on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (I’m on postpaid) tethered to my laptop but this does not help as they have also recently capped their service. The amusing thing is when MyBro is slow, Globe is also slow. Globe Unlimited Internet has a 3GB data cap per month. Once you reach this you are throttled down to 2G speeds. I read a comment that 2G speeds here in the Philippines is equivalent to no internet at all (I agree!) so the unlimited part is useless in this case.


Comparing these speeds with the ones I experienced in Singapore and Hong Kong, I would be happy to have even half of their normal internet speed! In Singapore the fastest I got was 11MB/s and in Hong Kong around 6MB/s. I bet you guys experienced much faster speeds in other countries. It would probably be nice to live in Japan or Korea where internet is blazing fast! They would probably cry downloading those 1GB files here (only to get disconnected half way and start over).

Anyway my download just auto completed so I had to restart it. Download speed is at less than 20KB/s with 18 mins left. I usually get 100-200KB/s at this hour (3:50am) before. Well I guess this is the result of getting too many subscribers without expanding their infrastructure to support it. There is not much alternative around so you just stick to what is available even if it sucks!

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Ps: After writing all this, download of the file I mentioned above is not yet done.. fantastic!


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