Photography Cheat Sheet: Studio Lighting

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Here are some photography cheat sheets for studio lighting. These are not mine but I found them useful so I’m sharing them. If you’re like me who’s just starting out, these cheat sheets will illustrate how light affects the subject and where to place light sources to achieve a particular effect. If you can’t read the stuff written on the photos just right click and save the photos to your desktop.

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Advanced studio lighting techniques cheat sheet

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CLL 06-20-10 0010-dia-600x449

CLL 06-20-10 0259-dia-600x449

KatieZehr 12-07-09 0042-dia-600x450

Mary 09-24-10 0003-dia-600x450

MG 0630-dia-600x449

It would be best to save them on your tablet or phone for easy access especially during shoots.

These are just some of the cheat sheets available on the site. These are from Check out the site for more photography tips and tricks and more cheat sheets.

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