Chilling Out: Cafe de Seoul Experience

Chilling Out: Cafe de Seoul Experience

January 14, 2014

My sister and I are Kpop fans that’s why when we heard about this coffee shop we decided to check it out.

Cafe de Seoul is located near De La Salle University Taft along Castro Street, inside the One Archers Place condominium, 2nd floor. This is frequented by students so the place is packed during weekdays. We decided to go there on a sunday so there weren’t a lot of customers then.

The ambiance is relaxing. You will feel upon entering the place. The white walls, huge windows, cute furniture lend to the relaxing atmosphere. You will see students here either just hanging out or seriously studying :). There’s free wifi and you can use the several tablets on some tables for casual internet surfing.

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We ordered a couple of things. My sister ordered a cupcake while I ordered their White Chocolate Mocha drink. After finishing the first stuff we ordered we tried their famous Patbingsu. This is the Korean version of Halo-halo. There are lots of stuff in there, red beans, mochi balls, ice cream and whole bunch that I already forgot. We ordered the regular size which was already too big for sharing between the two of us. We didn’t get to finish it. It was really delicious though 🙂

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Here are some pictures we took of the place and of our food of course 🙂

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20131027 151506 1

20131027 151527 1

The cafe is on the second floor.

20131027 151534-e (Large)

Their specialties displayed when you enter.

20131027 151542-e (Large)

The entrance.

20131027 151550-e (Large)

The cute order counter 🙂

20131027 152052-e (Large)

Through the glass.

20131027 152120-e (Large)

20131027 152126-e (Large)

You can use the free table on the tables for some internet surfing.

20131027 152234 (Large)

20131027 153426-e (Large)

Through the window.

20131027 152245 1

20131027 160006-e (Large)

Some photos on the entrance.

20131027 170506-e (Large)

Last but not the least, the food we ordered.

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White Chocolate Mocha

20131027 152425 (Large)

The cupcake.

20131027 152458 (Large)

Korean halo-halo, Patbingsu ^^

20131027 160322-e (Large)

There you go! If you guys want a taste of Seoul, check out Cafe de Seoul at One Archer’s Place near De La Salle University.


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