Anawangin Island on Infrared

This is the second part of my Anawangin Island photo series. I have been fascinated with infrared photos so when we went to Anawangin, I decided to take the filter out again for this shoot.

Infrared photography is pretty tricky. Since the camera won’t be able to see anything, focus, white balance, shutter speed and aperture should be chosen manually before attaching the infrared filter. Lots of test shots were taken to make sure the photos are properly exposed. Since these photos are usually long exposure shots, it drains the battery easily.

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These photos were taken using my Canon dslr and a generic 77mm infrared filter. Photos were edited through Photoshop to achieve the colored infrared effect. There was something wrong with the custom white balance though so the effect I wanted wasn’t really achieved but the photos came out good nonetheless.


IMG 1864-1 (Large) 1

IMG 1865-1 (Large)

IMG 1864-2 (Large)

IMG 1855-1 (Large)

IMG 1852-1 (Large)

IMG 1858-1 (Large)

Check out the first part of my Anawangin series here .


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