A Fascination: Infrared Photography

A Fascination: Infrared Photography

January 13, 2014

Infrared photography has always fascinated me ever since I got my first camera. This type of photography suits landscape more due to the use of long exposure. While searching the net on how to edit photos to achieve the colored infrared look, I came across wedding photos and portraits that use this effect as well. They can achieve this by using an infrared converted DSLR as opposed to just using an infrared filter, so they don’t need to use long exposures to achieve the effect.

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The photos below were edited using Photoshop. You can adjust the color effect, saturation etc. to achieve the look you want. Custom white balance was used in taking these photos so make sure to set it before taking the shot.

The first three photos were taken back in 2010 at the La Mesa Eco Park. Mid day with lots of sunlight is the ideal setup for this kind of photography. Make sure to have lots of greens and blues when you frame your shots. A tripod is also necessary.

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The photos below were taken at the American War Memorial in Taguig City. Take note of the third photo were a lens flare is visible. This added a nice effect to the photo but sometimes it just ruins it so make sure to have a lens hood on your lens when you take shots like this.

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IMG 8557-1 (Medium)

IMG 8559-1 (Medium)

IMG 8576 (Large)

IMG 8570-1 (Medium)

These are just some of my infrared photo collection. I was hoping to shoot more of these soon in different places so make sure to check back often. ^^


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