17 “I Know It Sounds Weird, But Just Try It” Life Hacks People Swear By

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This is really cool. Borrowing this from Buzzfeed.com. A compilation of life hacks people swear by. You may want to try some or all of them to see if they really work.

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If you always second-guess whether you locked the door or turned the oven off, say the action out loud while you do it.

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“If you are forgetful about small things like turning off lights in the house, where you put your keys, wallet, etc., tell yourself OUT LOUD. Saying, ‘I’ve put my wallet on top of the fridge’ out loud to no one sounds really weird, but you are much more likely to remember saying it then the actual act of doing it.” —BLINDEDBYTHEPIPE

Put your keys on top of something you don’t want to forget, like that lunch you packed for work.

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“Then you literally can’t leave without it.” —BecomingMeryl

Open a bag of chips upside down — all the flavor is chillin’ at the bottom.

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“Opening a bag a chips upside down (flip it upside down, then open from the bottom of the bag, now facing upright). It comes from the manufacturer in a box, shipped in that box, and then sits on a shelf until you buy it. So, all the good flavor has worked its way down to the bottom of the bag. The first Doritos (or whatever chip it may be) taste great!” —KevlarToeWarmers

Wet your pizza before reheating it in the microwave so the crust doesn’t get chewy.

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“Wet your pizza before throwing it in the microwave. The wife thought I was crazy for suggesting it until she tried it!” —bearmstro

Freeze some grapes and then stick them in a glass of wine like ice.

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“I work at a winery, and give that recommendation all the time. And then you have a little snack after you’re done your wine!” —newmillenia

When you’re congested, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and the bottom of your palm against your forehead to clear your sinuses.

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“When your sinuses are super congested: Push your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth and push the heel of your palm against your forehead (right along your brow). If you hold it for 30 seconds and then let go, you will feel your sinuses start to drain. Absolutely amazing. Wish I had know my entire life.” —Inthethickofit

When you have the hiccups, take a deep breath and, while holding it, swallow.

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“A hiccup remedy: Take as deep of a breath as you can and hold it. While holding it, force yourself to swallow. The act of swallowing will force some air out of your nose so you can now breathe in more. Repeat this process of breathing as deep as possible, holding, and swallowing to free up some air space. It’s worked for me every time for the past decade after about three to five breaths.” —ColourfulFunctor

After a shot of vodka, sniff a loaf of bread to ease the burn.

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“Take a shot of vodka. Burns a bit. Pick up a hunk of fresh bread and sniff deeply. Burn goes away.” —balloon99

Speaking of shots, have some pickle juice after a night of drinking to ease your hangover.

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“Drink some pickle brine before bed after a night of drinking. It does wonders to reduce or eliminate a hangover.” —littlexbird

Add a pinch of salt in your coffee to cut the bitterness.

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“As a former waitress, we’d just put a pot on to brew and then throw a big pinch of salt in the coffee. Customers would rave about it. Happy customers leave bigger tips. Been an insider waitress secret for decades.” —Girlinnjtraffic

Add a little lemonade to a cup of root beer.


“Every time I go to Chipotle, I get the cup filled most of the way with root beer, and then top it off with lemonade. It sounds really weird, but if you try it once, you’ll never go back.” —seems_fishy

Put marshmallows on top of a burger.

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“I used to live near this awesome burger place that had 53 different types of burgers. There was one burger that stood out from all the others: The Staypuff Burger. It’s a normal burger topped with…marshmallows. The marshmallow melts down into this sticky gloop and I think adding anything else would detract from the amazing sweet/savoury taste.” —Kraile

After working with garlic, rub your hands with salt.

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“If you handled garlic and want to remove the smell from your hands, don’t use soap, use salt.” —Alleroz

If your hands need some TLC, stick ’em inside a bag of uncooked rice.

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“Climbing gyms often have a five-gallon bucket of rice just for this purpose and it feels AMAZING after you’ve hung on walls for two hours.” —_Octane_

Make like a cat and lie in a sun spot on the floor when you need to relax.


“Lie down on the floor in a sun spot. I didn’t think it was weird until my husband asked me what I was doing and I had to say, “I’m laying…in a sun spot.” Our living room has these big windows and the sun hits this area of the carpet and omg it’s the best lying area. There’s a reason why cats do this shit.” —rootless_tree

Take a sip of water before you put the pill in your mouth.

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“The pill will then float in the water in your mouth and not touch the sides or back of your mouth. It feels like all you’re swallowing is water, which it makes it much easier to swallow pills, especially big ones.” —anarcho-cynicalist

And carry a fresh pair of socks with you when you know you’ll be on your feet all day.

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“I always carry a spare pair of socks with me when I know I’ll be on my feet a lot. Amusement park, hike, or exploring a city I don’t live in. Changing into fresh socks after walking around a lot feels amazing.” —happykins

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